Which countries are the gems sourced from?

Our diamonds are sourced both locally and internationally. They make their way into our e-boutique from Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. We strive to source our gemstones and diamonds from countries that are conflict-free, provide miners with a safe working environment, and employ responsible working practices.

How long does Carat Craft deliver once the order has been placed?

Your delivery will hit your doorstep in a minimum of three working days if you’re located in the UAE and a minimum of five working days if you’re in the GCC.

International orders will arrive within seven to ten working days, depending on the nature of the product. For more info, please review our delivery information section.

Does Carat Craft accept cash on delivery?

Yes, cash on delivery is accepted on orders within the UAE.

This feature is unavailable on orders from the rest of the GCC or internationally.

Carat Craft - Refund Policy

Are refunds paid back to my bank account or an account credit?

Carat Craft’s refund policy strictly requires the product to be in the exact same condition as it was when delivered from us. Customers can opt to exchange their product for another one from our e-store (in this case, the refund will be placed in your e-wallet). If not, you will receive a full monetary refund to your bank account.

What is Carat Craft's policy if a customer is dissatisfied with their purchase?

Your happiness is our happiness. If your purchase if anything short of perfect, please drop us an email at care@caratcraft.ae. We will either process a full refund to your bank account or exchange the product as per your request.

Does Carat Craft accept payments via PayPal and Apple Pay?

We currently accept payments via PayPal but not Apple Pay.

How can customers track their order?

International orders will come with a tracking number via FedEx. Orders made within the UAE will be delivered within a minimum of three working days along with tracking number by email.

Whom can customers get in touch with for queries?

All queries, compliments, and complaints can be directed to care@caratcraft.ae