The “Everyday is fine” Collection is just another reason to make your special someone feel a bit more loved and pampered with a gift that speaks the language of shimmer.18k gold jewelry, specially handpicked to give you only the best range to choose from. Be it your better half or your parents or even siblings, a Carat Craft piece of jewelry will make their day a wee bit special.
There is something truly personal about the first letter of a name; it’s a truly bespoke touch to a regular piece of jewelry. Crafted in 18k gold with a choice of rose, yellow and white metal to choose from, the monogram collection has pendants, bracelets and ring that can have your special initial.

Step into the world of aspirations with Carat Craft’s Zenith Collection. Each piece in this exquisite collection is a manifestation of a woman’s unyielding spirit, capturing the essence of her relentless pursuit of achievements and desires.

A Pearl Story

The world is your oyster and YOU are the pearl.
A chain of beautiful pearls is one the most elegant piece of jewelry you can own. Our handpicked pearls make some of the most loved rings, pendants, bracelets and necklaces. Elegantly roped in 18k gold, our pearls make the best gifts for all special occasions.
Festive Gifts
Christmas Jewellery


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